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How Do You Determine The Top 3 Coffee Makers For A Small Office?

How do you determine the top 3 coffee makers for a small office? This is an essential item to have in your office, as a source of caffeine can keep your employees alert, energetic, and productive. Also, it serves as a focal point for just a little socializing away from desks where people can let their hair down for a moment and chit chat before getting back into the grind. Given all the advantages a good coffee maker has, you know your office needs one, but what criteria and factors dictate the best models? Keep reading to find out certain things to look for:

1) Does it require a service contract? If you look online for coffee makers for commercial offices, you are going to find quite a few models. Some of them are going to be shockingly cheap, possibly even free. Do you know why? Because they come with monthly service contracts. For a regular fee, someone will come by once a week or so to clean up the machine and stock it up with fresh supplies. This might be a nice touch for a larger office or a business looking to provide a perk to customers, but it usually is not necessary for a small office.

2) Can it be cleaned without soap? Most coffee makers are simply cleaned by running clear water through it without coffee grounds or a filter, but not all. The reason you want to avoid a model that requires a soap cleaning is that such things do not always get communicated among a busy staff, and you do not want anyone making coffee while there is soap residue in the maker or the pot. This model is very easy to clean: keurig b130 deskpro brewing system.

3) Could your staff play soccer with the coffee pot? You are not ever going to encourage such an activity, but people in office situations are busy and sometimes clumsy. You want to have coffee pots that come with the maker be the kind that can withstand collisions with hard objects like edges of furniture and even the floor.

4) How much does it cost? If you look for a great coffee maker, you will find one quickly. But will it fit your business budget and what you are willing to spend on such an item?

5) Will recurring costs come back to haunt you? Great coffee makers can use generic filters and any coffee. Something that needs specialty supplies only available from that manufacturer can nickel and dime you to death over time.

Since you hope your coffee maker is a bright spot in the daily lives of your employees and coworkers, it might be best to come up with a list of the top 3 coffee makers for a small office and then let the staff at large vote on which specific model to get. Doing so helps them feel empowered, look forward to the unit being put in, and gives most folks a sense of ownership regarding keeping the coffee maker full, clean, and operational.

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